I mostly teach professional post-education trainings in Scandinavia and Europe. Over the years I have taught in sixteen countries and presented at more than 35 international and national conferences. I have authored and co-authored a number of articles, books and chapters, many with my close colleague, psychologist Susan Hart.

I am a member of the European Association for Bodypsychotherapy and the Danish Psychotherapist Association.


  • Theme-focused workshops in psychotherapy trainings
  • 2-8 day post-education trainings
  • Professional supervision and development groups
  • Consultation and team trainings with organizations
  • 12-day trainings followed by certification programs


My understanding of human consciousness and behaviour is grounded in research-based neuroaffective developmental psychology, from cradle to grave.

My theoretical and practical maps include psychomotor development, evolutionary psychology, trauma theory, body-based mentalization and system-oriented perspectives.

My work is also influenced by a spiritual approach developed through decades of spiritual training, empathic mindfulness training and meditation.

Areas of expertise

  • Teaching and implementing neuroaffective development as a map for psychotherapy, personal development and clinical work.
  • Teaching and implementing the neuroaffective systems perspective in group and team development.
  • Empathic meditative presence as a clinical and pedagogical interaction method.

The unfolding neuroaffective theory and practice

Since the mid 1990’s, psychologist Susan Hart and I worked closely together to develop and implement Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology, Personality Development and Psychotherapy.

We are constantly updating the theory with new research and developing ways to implement it.


In 1980 I was certified as a psychomotor therapist from Skolen for Kropsdynamik [the School of Body-Dynamics] in Copenhagen. This training focused on bodypsychotherapy.

From 1982-99 I participated in many professional workshops and trainings with international trainers and system founders in the field of bodypsychotherapy, including Ron Kurtz with Hakomi therapy, Albert Pesso with Psychomotor Therapy, David Boadella with Biosynthesis and Peter Levine with Somatic Experiencing.

From 1995 to the present I studied and practiced daily meditation and meditation retreat processes with the Danish spiritual teacher Jes Bertelsen, ph,d. Jes Bertelsen, who has certified me to teach mindfulness.

From 2006 to the present I have studied Systems-centered Training with founder Yvonne Agazarian and her colleagues.

Psychotherapy practice background

Most of my professional experience has been in working with normally functioning adults.
I have worked with both short-term and long-term therapy up to ten years, and with therapy and ongoing training groups for durations of five to twenty years.

I have also worked with children and intellectually disabled adults in residential treatment settings.
Because of my international schedule I have extensive experience with stand-alone individual sessions in many countries.

Posteducation and organisational trainer background

For more than three decades I have worked with groups of psychologists, psychotherapists and social as well as psychiatric treatment teams and organizations in Denmark, Europe and North America.
In Denmark, I have mainly worked with team process, theme trainings and supervision in psychiatric institutions and treatment facilities.

Internationally, my main experience is in teaching somatically based and neuroaffective trainings, supervising mental health professionals and consulting or teambuilding for organizations.

More about influences on my work

Language before language

The somatic and evolutionary perspectives have always been very important to me. Body language and emotional expression is deeply rooted in human evolution as well as culture.

I am fascinated with how refinement of the nonverbal and often unconscious ‘dance’ between people can improve professional interactions, uncover vital insights and support personal maturation.

Spirituality in everyday life

Since 1994 I have practiced meditation under the guidance of the Danish spiritual teacher Jes Bertelsen. Ph.D. This has made me aware of the innumerable aspects of mindfulness and empathic presence that can enhance clinical practice.

Accordingly, I have translated three books from this Danish spiritual tradition into English.

Cooperation and group dynamics

Since 2007 I have studied Systems-Centered Therapy with Yvonne Agazarian, Ed.D. and developed a deeper insight into driving and restraining forces in group interactions.

Through presentations, workshops and articles I have also integrated the systems-centered perspective with neuroaffective developmental psychology.