The Neuroaffective Picture Book
With cartoons and a simple but clear text, this book offers an introduction to the evolution and early childhood development of the brain and personality. It also presents the neuroaffective compass model, a tool for personality assessment and for finding the best emotional “learning zone” for a child or an adult. The combination of short texts on neuroaffective development and light-hearted illustrations connects the theory to the nonverbal intuitive sense that is a central tool in all psychotherapy and personality development.

Das Neuroaffektive Bilderbuch
The German edition of the Neuroaffective picture book is ready. On my page Links I have links to English, German and Danish webshops where you can purchase my books. An Italian version of The Neuroaffective Picture Book is in press.


Forældre på alle Strenge – få musikken til at spille
Danish training manuals and films for a developmentally based parent-training program, developed with Susan Hart and Dorte Bærentzen. Only in Danish, and can only be purchased with the Danish instructor training. More about the instructor training with Knud Hellborn and Susan Hart at Docenten.dk.

1. Nyheder ill.

Windows of opportunity – a neuroaffective approach to four systems of child psychotherapy
Susan and I describe basic neuroaffective developmental psychology and relate it to nonspecific factors of child psychotherapy. Through video transcripts and the discussions of four outstanding international child therapists, we pinpoint moments of meeting and moments of change in each session. The therapists are:

  • Peter Levine from the USA with Somatic Experiencing, working with trauma states
  • Jukka Mäkelä from Finland with Theraplay, working with disorganized attachment
  • Haldor Øvreeide from Norway, using therapeutic conversation in a disrupted son-mother dyad
  • Eia Asen from the Anna Freud Institute with systemic and mentalization-based family therapy, working with a dependent attachment pattern

German edition
The German edition of “Windows of opportunity”: “Neuroaffektive Therapie mit kindern und jugendlichen” – in bookstores in June 2016!


Links to my books
On my page Links I have links to English, German and Danish webshops where you can purchase my books.

Marianne Bentzen

My professional trainings and supervisions are always embedded in the knowledge of neuroaffective personality development, or NAP for short.

This research-based information is the foundation for a developmental map of natural development in brain and personality involving three levels of brain processing and personal experience: sensing at the autonomic level, feeling at the limbic level and reflective thinking at the prefrontal level.

Some of the most common subjects in my work are:

Integrating preverbal interaction skills, the ‘langunage before language’, in existing therapy and treatment programs

Deepening the capacity for contained openness and empathy

Navigating and practicing embodied levels of mentalization and reflection

Mindfulness and moments-of-meeting: presence, listening and speaking from deeper inner spaces

Systems-oriented group development and processing.

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