Marianne Bentzen

I offer professional trainings and supervisions in Neuroaffective Personality Development, or NAPD for short. All my trainings are tailored to the needs of the organisation or group I am working with and they always contain theory and practical exercises based on the theory.

To choose the best approach in psychotherapy we need a good theoretical map. My map is based on the natural development of brain and personality. Each developmental level needs a different kind of support and different challenges. Do we need to focus on stress-regulation and sensations at the autonomic level, feelings and relationship at the limbic level or new mental insights at the prefrontal level?

Common training subjects

  • ’Language before language’, knowledge and methods to work with the preverbal interactions skills that give depth to all communication.
  • Trauma treatment
  • Embodiment in narrative and mentalization-based approaches
  • Developing more empathy with less vulnerability
  • Mindfulness and moments-of-meeting – creating deeper inner spaces in the professional interaction.
  • System-oriented group processes – attachment, status and teamwork in groups.

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Den Neuroaffektive Billedbog 2 – Identitet og Socialisering (The Neuroaffective Picture Book 2 – Identity and Socialisation)

Marianne Bentzen & Susan Hart (2017)

Illustrations by Kim Hagen Jensen. Hans Reitzels Publishing House.

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Das Neuroaffektive Bilderbuch. Illustrationen Kim Hagen und Jakob Foged

Bentzen, M. (2016)

NAP Books, Paragon Press, London, UK.

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